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    Mark Simchock

    First, once again, kudos to y’all for doing this. It’s great to see some fresh ideas in the WP world.

    I’m using ASE 1.2.1 with Genji 1.0.4.

    The intention is to use the plugin with a custom theme (not a AI dev’ed one). Hopefully that goes well. We’ll soon find out 😉

    Also, the POV here is more traditional content / content marketing and not necessarily “story telling.” That is, to embrace the ASE design / layout ideas to give the client a broader range of tools to better present their brand.

    These are just thoughts, suggestions and/or questions, in no particular order. With that said…

    => It would be nice if each component could have a select for predefined “presets”. In other words, instead of having to configure each component property each time, one by one; instead be able to save a given set of properties and then refer back to those via a select.

    For example, the Quote component. I could have White (text) on Black (background) and Black on White – each with a particular presets for the other properties of the component. So if I want to use a particular pre-set over and over we don’t have to go back a figure out “What are the W on B settings?”

    1 => fyi – The parallax lightbox isn’t working for me atm. Let me do some more mucking around. If I can’t resolve it, or it doesn’t work with the custom theme, I’ll come back and let you know. For now this is just an fyi, and not a support issue / request.

    2 => Is there was way to determine how much the parallax image fills? In other words, the image I’m using is (say) 1200 px width but it’s stretching such that the middle 800px is being displayed and the 200px on the left and right is off the screen. I’m not sure why the image is being over-stretched (?).

    3 => For Image, Parallax and Quote (and perhaps others?) might it be possible to add a URL? That wraps the image / text? Or would that be done the old fashion way the WYSIWYG and wrap the shortcode with that [ase_shortcode]

    4 => Perhaps a component “Call to Action”? Say image / background + text + button? Perhaps this isn’t ASE-esque enough?

    5 => When the WYSIWYG is on the visual tab, can the component display more than just it’s type? For example, instead of just QUOTE (in a black box). Why not QUOTE: This is a snippet of the quote. Mind you, I get it, you can look at the page front-end side and figure out what is where.

    6 => While I know you’re trying to stick to KISS as much as possible, what about being able to add your own classes to a given component? For example, Bootstrap has helper classes to showing / not showing stuff depending on the break point.

    7 => Speaking of KISS and the pre-sets idea…What if some of the components with more properties had tabs? For example the first stuff you see if the easy / “default” properties, and then there’s a tab for “Advanced” properties. I think that would help.

    8 => What about Help links? Say within / under each component’s box have a link that goes to ASE.com? Again, I’m presuming my client’s users might not be as versed as a typical ASE “editor” and/or might just need to see an example, etc. The brief labels DO help. But if that’s not enough I’m just looking for an easy way to get deeper help.

    9 => What about Preview in the ASE modal? For example, I pick Quote and the Quote component’s properties appear on the right. Can’t the left then be a preview of what I’m about to do? Even if it’s not perfect, just seeing the colors and a bit of the text, could be helpful, I would think. Same of parallax images. If I add a caption it might help to see how that text might look over the image. I agree. This is a nit-picky suggestion. Ignore me if I’m being a pain in the arse 😉

    10 => Fonts. Might there be a way to register (?) additional fonts, again mainly for Quotes but perhaps for captions, etc. Or is this consider something that could / should be done via CSS? Given that ASE has color options, why not fonts as well? I realize too many (Google?) fonts can be an issue. But that aside, let’s presume the list is short 🙂

    I think that’s it. lol. Again, I realize the ASE sweet spot isn’t necessarily traditional content workflow / production (so some of these might not be worth your effort). None the less what you’re doing is fan-fucking-tastic and I just figured some of these might help. Or not.

    Thanks again Nick & Co. You rock!

    I’ll hang up now and take my answer off the air 😉

    Jenny @ Aesop

    Bringing this post to Nick’s attention. 🙂

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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