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    Will Yurman

    I keep running into a problem with how gallery images display – cutting off the tops and bottoms of images,especially on mobile devices.

    Here for example:

    On my desktop, some images cut off the top. I tried using the Parallax gallery option, “fit image vertically,” but that made the problem worse, cropping even more of the image.

    On mobile, images seem to be cropped even more if I use the Hero gallery – those galleries don’t display properly in Portrait mode on my iPhone and are very cropped in Landscape mode.

    thanks for any help!

    Will Yurman

    I think I found a fix that works. For Hero Galleries setting a ratio for the size of the gallery height seems to fix the problem on mobile. So I’ll do that.


    Hyun Supul

    Hi Will, sorry for not getting back to you in time. Let me know if you need any other support now or in future. I will try to be more prompt in responding.


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    Yeah the accurate thing happened to me too I have checked many tutorials that how to sort this matter out but it keeps showing the gallery display problem I want to sort this matter out for ecommerce website development and as soon as possible so kindly if anyone has its solutions please let me know.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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