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    Rolf Mistelbacher

    I have created a gallery and published it, copied the shortcode over to a post and published it. The gallery does not display.
    It seems i have done everything right, also looked at the other threads about this topic.
    Is there an image limit or any special setting i have to add to get it work with Novella?
    I did not change the standard settings for the gallery at the end of the page.

    Thank you

    Rolf Mistelbacher

    This was my fault. I clicked “insert into post” instead of “create gallery”. now it works. UI misleading

    Michael Beil

    Glad you figured out how to create a gallery. We have attempted to make the UI/UX as friendly as possible, so we will check into making gallery creation easier. If you ever need any more help, feel free to hit us up here or check out the help docs: https://aesopstoryengine.com/help

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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