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    UConn MAGIC

    Does Novella provide a component that allows you to create a large first letter to begin a story (as seen in the examples on the demo page here: https://aesopthemes.com/novella/?utm_referrer=http%3A%2F%2Faesopthemes.com%2Fnovella%2Fabout%2F&preview

    I have looked but can’t find a component that will do this. I have also tried using CSS on that particular post to create a large first letter this way:

    p::first-letter{font-size: 200%; font-weight:bold; float:left; }

    This works, but unfortunately does it for every single paragraph, even if it is not enclosed with the <p> tags. So for example, this CSS causes the following paragraphs to both have large first letters:

    <p> Hello I am a paragraph</p>
    I am a paragraph too

    Any help appreciated – the large first letter looks great and would love to include that in my posts (but not for every single paragraph).

    UConn MAGIC

    Actually figured it out.. using the Inspector tool in Firefox discovered it is <p class="lead dropcap"> that is being used on that page. Tried it on mine and it works great. Though this still doesn’t explain why the “p” selector selected everything instead of just those elements enclosed in <p> tags.

    Jenny @ Aesop

    Hey UConn! Inspecting with FireFox is the perfect way to figure this out – good work. 🙂

    The p selector probably changed for every paragraph because WordPress does strange things like that sometimes. I’m glad you figured out the easier route.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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