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    Jason Lefkowitz

    Has anyone else encountered situations on sites using Kerouac where pages that include Aesop Video components will cause certain versions of IE to crash?

    I’ve been hitting this on a site I’m working on. It appears to be limited to only pages that use the video component, and so far I’ve only been able to reproduce it IE 11 on Windows 10 and 7. (IE 11 on Win8.x doesn’t crash; neither do other versions of IE, or any version of Edge, at least in my testing.)

    Since I believe the root cause is related to scripts the video component loads to make videos responsive, I submitted this as an ASE issue on GitHub. (There’s a lot more detail in that report than I’m putting here, so if you’re reading this and want more nitty-gritty, click through and read that too.) But it’s been more than a week since I submitted it and it hasn’t gotten any response there, so I figured I’d ask here too, since the only ASE theme I’ve seen this happen on is Kerouac.

    Any guidance (or even pointers in the right direction if I have to hack Kerouac and/or ASE to fix it myself) would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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