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    Mark Simchock


    1) I’ve read this


    and see that ASE CSS is optional on a component by component basis. At least that’s how I’m interpreting it.

    But is there a way to remove components from the UI? I mean, if the client / project isn’t interested in certain components (or just flat out doesn’t want them used) then it would be nice to remove them.

    Or better still, I’d like to be able to create / control some sort of hierarchy within the ASE UI.

    For example:

    Top row(s): Primary / Faves / Most used

    Lower row(s): Secondary / Also Active

    Bottom: Deactivated

    The point being, I want the stuff I like / use the most to be obvious. And the other stuff not so much so, or not at all.

    p.s. Perhaps as a simple quick fix / hack there’s a way to manipulate (?) the ASE Admin CSS so the icons in the UI can’t be color coded? For example instead of gray, make the faves green?

    2) And what about attributes / properties within a component? For example, for (say) Quote to disable the background color. That is, the site’s / theme’s CSS isn’t overridden by the inline style=”…”. Perhaps a checkbox next to the background color “Use default” would be cool? This way it’s possible to use the color picker optionally but also being able to “turn it off” with a checkbox. Does that make sense? I did see there are filters for defaults but I’m trying to selectively separate ASE “content” from ASE presentation.

    Again, I know we’re using ASE differently. That is, still the traditional content / content marketing model (i.e., more consistent brand look and feel) and less for “story telling.” I’m just trying to figure out the best way(s) to use ASE for content marketing without being married to ASE presentation. If that makes sense.

    3) In terms of:


    Is there a recommended place this should be? And the WP action / hook to tie it to? I presume / hope this isn’t a WP config thing-y.


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    Nick Haskins


    Hey Mark!
    Great ideas about the “bookmarking” and organizing of components. Will keep that in mind. Regarding removing options and things, yes, using logic similar to this you can remove any component, and any option by filtering that main array:


    2. We recommend using a plugin called Code Snippets to store this type of stuff. Although it can go into a child themes functions.php just as well.

    Does this help?



    Mark Simchock


    Great. Thanks Nick!

    As long there’s a way, I’ll figure it out 🙂

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