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    Roy Inge Nupen

    Images with image component is resized to “content” or something. My guess.The original image is smaller than what is displayed. At least it looks very bad.
    There is no image width setting..so hwo do we use the image component and control the image width?

    Roy Inge Nupen

    is “content width” and no left or right the themes override of the image component? How do we use height images?

    Jenny @ Aesop

    Hi Roy. Thanks for your post.

    Please view our help documentation at https://aesopstoryengine.com/help/. For the image component specifically, please view https://aesopstoryengine.com/help/image-component/. At this link you will learn exactly how to use the image component.

    Hope that helps!

    Michael Beil

    Hey Roy,

    Just wondering if you were able to figure this out. If not, perhaps you have a link?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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