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    Boris de Jong


    I realised recently that when I first bought an Aesop theme, I really wanted for it to be able to have a fixed image in the background with the site content scrolling over it. I also realised that Aesop really isn0t capable of doing that.

    My example is here, in the competitive Shorthand environment: https://social.shorthand.com/bdj3ww/jChYyr3c9/why-should-she-sign-up-with-you

    The cup of coffee below has the property I’m looking for. Fixed image, moving website. The 3WW picture of me (‘Nice to meet you’) is also doing it.

    Can this be included as an option in the Parallax component? Your Parallax Gallery can do it, only then, you can’t add content. It’s what I seriously need Aesop to be capable of. Seriously, like last dying wish heavy. Cough. Splutter.



    Michael Beil


    Hey Boris,

    That is a neat site you have. Our stacked parallax gallery can have content in it by way of a caption and can be styled differently based on the theme. We made Aesop in such a way to have basic styles and then allow for theme developers to give Aesop their own design and look.

    Does that make sense?

Viewing 2 posts – 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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