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So you’ve got fantastic images of your friends, your travels, and your kids and now you’re ready to share them with the world. Aesop Story Engine can help you create beautiful photo galleries that you can insert into your WordPress posts.

The gallery component is just one of several components that come bundled with the Aesop Story Engine plugin. Aesop Galleries extend the already intuitive features of the built in WordPress galleries. You may want to catch up on some WordPress gallery knowledge before you get started. Aesop Galleries allows you to control the width of your gallery, control the width of the images within the gallery, add a caption to the gallery, choose between three light box image transition effects, control the speed of light box image transitions, and show/hide image thumbnails in the light box.

The gallery component comes with four different gallery layouts. Not all gallery layouts will work well with every possible theme so some experimentation may be needed. All of the galleries do look great in Aesop themes.

Getting Started

To get started you will need two things:

  1. A functional self hosted version of WordPress – Download
  2. The Aesop Story Engine plugin – Download

Creating a new gallery

Make sure you’ve installed and activated the Aesop Story Engine plugin from the WordPress admin.

  • Click the "New Gallery" button above the text editor.

  • Give the gallery a title that makes sense to you. "Gallery 1" may not jog your memory when looking for a specific gallery six months later. Something like "Home Page Gallery" would be more helpful.

  • If you get lost on the steps, there are instructions on the left side of the page.

  • Click the "Add Media" button which is underneath the gallery title field.

  • Click the "Create Gallery" link in the insert media pop-up.

  • Choose which images from your media gallery you would like in the gallery by single clicking each image that should be included. You will notice a border and a checkbox appear on images that have been selected to be included in the gallery.

  • Once you have selected all the images you would like to include, click the "Create a new gallery" button in the lower right of the create gallery pop-up.

  • You can set captions for each image in the gallery by clicking the "Caption this image..." field and typing your caption.

  • On the right side of the "Edit Gallery" pop-up you will see some options for formatting your gallery.

Gallery component filters

If you are familiar with PHP and the functions.php file, you can also adjust some of the gallery styling using filters. The padding of the individual gallery images can be modified using the instructions and code at

Next Steps

The next step is to insert your gallery into a post or page. Click here to get started!


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