Aesop Story Engine 1.9.7 enables several options for Youtube and Vimeo. Now you can enable Autoplay, Loop and start/pause videos when the Video Components scroll in and out of the view. Before, these options were only available for self-hosted videos but now they are available for Youtube and Vimeo.

You can also remove the controls from the Youtube videos. Combined with the “Overlay Content” option, you can do some creative compositions.

You can overlay text like this

Using HTML you can also overlay images, links, etc.

As of 2017, the mobile browsers in general do not support auto-playing videos. So Aesop Video Component gives you an option to disable videos on mobile devices, and replace with images.


Other recent changes include:

1. Now the Content Component allows you to set the width of the component, not just content inside the box.

2. Now the Chapter Component allows you to set the maximum height of the component. This gives you the most flexibility in designing the look of the component.

3. Several bug fixes. Most notably, the Fixed image option for the Parallax Component has been fixed for FireFox and Microsoft Edge.

More new features are being planned. So stay tuned!


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