Back in December when we launched the prototype for Aesop Story Engine, we had absolutely no idea that we’d be writing about 10K downloads six months later.

And yet this week we’ll cross the 10K download mark on, all thanks to you! It’s hard to believe that there are thousands of people downloading Aesop Story Engine. It’s also pretty amazing to see countless places utilizing Aesop Story Engine for their own needs, covering pressing issues, olympic sports, and tragic events.

Image 2014-08-11 at 12.59.37 PM

To celebrate the 10K download mark, and as a way of saying thanks, we’d like offer 10% off any of our WordPress themes. This offer is good from today until Saturday, August 15th. Just use coupon code 10kdownloads at checkout.

Again, a big thanks to you guys, and cheers to 10k more!


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