I would like to introduce some new features added since 1.9.0 release. If you haven’t seen the 1.9.0 features, check here. I wanted to introduce more animations and more options to customize the looks of the components, especially for those who wanted to tinker things.

Reveal Animations

Image, Video, Quote and Chapter Components now have new Reveal Effect option. (Reload the page to see the effects again.)

NEW for 1.9.6. Gallery Component (except for Parallax Gallery) now supports Reveal Effects.
Check out the new gallery effects here.

Overlay Texts

Image, Video, and Chapter components now have option to add text overlays including HTML tags, just like Hero Galley and Parallax. Combining with some CSS, it allows code-savvy users to customize the looks and functionality of the components.

Aesop Image Component Without Overlay


Aesop Image Component With Overlay

Using Custom CSS styles to format text.


One Does Not Simply
Stop Internet Memes

A New Option for Hero Gallery

A new option to show navigation controls have been added. This allows the visitors to manually control which picture to view. The default is off.

Wait, There is More! 🙂

Collection Component has been updated and there is an option to add the “Load More” link to load more posts. You can also reverse the order of posts.

1.9 Features.


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