New Gallery and New Parallax

I am happy to announce that Aesop Story Engine is getting some exciting new features. Versions 1.9 adds a new gallery type Hero, and updates Parallax component.

Great thanks to Paul Eiche (peiche) who added Hero Gallery to Aesop. If you go to your dashboard, and go to Gallery->Create New, you will see a new gallery type.


Here is an example

Wait for the transitions.

The gallery can be made to fill the window (or at least the container) horizontally or vertically or portions of it. You may notice that I can set the styles of the texts. Hero Gallery adds the “Content” option where you can use HTML tags. This gives you a lot of flexibility in designing the look of the gallery. For the Above example, I used H2 and H4 tags to style the text. This is another example set with the “Slide” transition.

New Features For Aesop Parallax Component

Well, here is more exciting news. Version 1.9 overhauls Parallax Component and adds new “Fixed” option for Image Movement. It also has the new HTML content feature as well.

Aesop Parallax Component

Your Content Here

Note for Novella users: Due to some conflicts with Custom Novella styles, an older version of Novella theme is not compatible with these new features. Novella Version 1.5.2 or newer is required.

Hope you enjoy the new features and stay tuned for more news in the future!


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