We wanted to really understand the challenges and bottlenecks that writers face when composing stories within WordPress. The goal of this project was to to not only understand these limitations, but to create an original story showcasing what Aesop Story Engine is capable of.

We teamed up with J. Parrish Lewis, a really talented writer who’s original application for this position just completely sold us. Jesse wrote the entire story as we see it, and we brought it to life with Aesop Story Engine.

Chris Ford with Creativity Included was responsible for the design and overall feel of the story. Given the length, I think the design came out absolutely awesome with just the right amount of motion and interactivity.


Although I have to admit, I do feel that we sort of “held back” a bit on this first approach, but this was our first foray into something of this nature. We learned quite a bit, we learned how to eliminate the friction associated with building stories, and we really can’t wait to team up again for the next one!

Now, for your viewing please, The Quiet Day.


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    • Hey Mark, great question! This is a plugin that we’ve been testing and tweaking for a couple months that we’ll soon be releasing in our Library. It will allow you to create stories without the need of a specific theme.

  1. I would like to check the quiet day story but the link is not available anymore.
    Will it be online again soon?

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