The last few months we’ve been working on an experimental new story editor add-on for Aesop Story Engine, and today we’d like to share with you the first big sneak peak into what we have built.

One of the main goals of ours has been to get everything from the admin out into the front-end. Unfortunately, trying to shoe-horn Aesop Story Engine into existing solutions just didn’t cut it. So, we set out to build our own custom solution.

We really feel that the act of writing takes place more than actually “building” with components. For this reason, Aesop Story Editor is NOT a builder. So a lot of focus was spent on a light-weight editing experience. You can bold, underline, and italicize text, add components, and insert HTML, as shown below.


Of course when you want to add an interactive story component to your story, we’ve made this incredibly simple and intuitive. One click of the + Add Component button, and a familiar pop up come’s up allowing you to add new components with ease.

Screen Recording 2014-12-27 at 04.57 PM

And, components can be moved freely between your text.


Component settings are toggled within each component. They are out of the way when you don’t need them, and there when you do. Save each component, update the post, and you’re done. This is fully compatible with Aesop Story Engine, and works as an additional layer that you simply add-on. No matter if you have existing components, it’ll work right out of the box.

snipo-1OMG How to Obtain?

This experimental editor will first be provided to the Founding Members of It is those users (perhaps maybe even you?) that will help shape the editor into a final product which will then be available to non-founders by this spring.

We really encourage you to sign up to be notified when Story.AM becomes available to Founders. Not only will you get to invest and utilize the new editor on a state-of-the-art storytelling platform, but you’ll be able to download and use it within your own themes as it’s 100% compatible with any existing WordPress theme.

Stoked Dude!

In conclusion, we’re pretty damn excited about this. To the best of our knowledge, nothing like this currently exists in the way that we’ve built it. It’s been an absolute labor of love, with us working through Christmas and New Years to get this to an Alpha 1.1 state.

Are you as excited as we are? Hit us up on Twitter @aesopinteractiv – composed of @nphaskins, @etc, and @michaelbeil and let us know what you think!

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  1. So where are all the comments people have left telling you guys are brilliant?. Love what your doing. I’m getting another theme that I will think will work better for me and so pleased to have found you. Just wish I had the tech skills to cope. BUT Ive decided to get a WP VA to help me.
    What would really help is being able to to see some sites that have been built with your themes. I follow who’s site it was that linked me to you. I see things with his site that I don’t know how to do. ie change font. It will all get sorted in time but just wanted to say keep going guys. Oh yes do have a break too, don’t burn out! Cheers

  2. Hi y’all,

    Like Jennifer, I’m really impressed with Aesop Story Engine! Had a quick question though. How well does the plugin play with Soundcloud?


  3. Caaaan’t wait for it to be available, that’s the way I want to edit my stories! Really looking forward, please offer a dev license;

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