More than half of the sites using Aesop Story Engine are schools, universities, or small journalist organizations.

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These places typically don’t have large budgets to hire designers and developers to build stories, so they often do it on their own. While we strive to make Aesop Story Engine easy to use, there are some instances where additional help could be beneficial.

This is where the Aesop Story Engine Library Card comes into play. The ASE Library Card gives you instant access to a special program that will work alongside your Aesop Story Engine powered project. This program is designed to get you on the fast-track to storytelling and will guide you in building incredibly interactive stories with Aesop Story Engine. In addition, we’ll help guide you with projects as well as any issues or bugs that may come up along the way. This is very much a “white glove” style service meaning that, in most cases, when a bug is discovered we will log in to your website to provide a “hot-fix” instead of waiting for the next release.

Why offer this?

We figure it’s a win-win. Most of the time, when new features or options are added, it’s due to the direct result of the story engine not being able to handle what we want it to do. And, we want to see how you’re using it, so we can be better educated on making the best decisions as far as development goes.

In addition to being enrolled in this amazing program, Library Card holders also have the ability to “check out” any theme or add-on in the Library. And since we’re open 24 hours a day, you can checkout Library items day or night.

So what’s the catch and how much will it cost? That’s where you come in. We want to hear from you! This is your program, and we want to tailor it to fit your needs as much as we possibly can.


Do you see this as a benefit, and something you would use? Sound off in the comments below, hit us up on Twitter @aesopinteractive, or drop us a line with our handy-dandy feedback form.

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  1. This could be a really great resource and I’d be happy to pay for it as long as it has a couple of things on my list.

    1. I would love to log in and find 5+ 2 minute videos that explain lots of stuff in a user friendly manner. For me this would be where I’d go first.

    2. I don’t want to read long documents written for coders by coders. Documents should be one page infographics that include how to get from A to B

    3. Just like in a library there should be space on the walls to showcase members best stories. It could be setup where you see stories hanging of users you follow.

    4. A place to share thoughts between user that is separate from a help zone… A sign at the front door that says “No angry rants about how something doesn’t work.” I can get angry anywhere, I would just like to talk about story creation. The ups and downs of creation.

    Charge 400.00 a year and allow people to signup for 4 months at a time. Give the first 100 people the first year for 200.00

    Open it in a week 🙂

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