And we’re back! Last week we released the first snippet for the latest upcoming theme, Fable. Today we carry on with the second snippet, and a chance to win your own copy!

[Tweet “Fable WordPress theme for Aesop Story Engine looks perfect for #storytellers #fablewordpress”]

ICYMI, we’re launching this super cool giveaway, and all you have to do is tweet to enter! Here’s the first post from last week. And as promised, here is the second teaser image!

Each screenshot will reveal more and more of the cover shot of Fable until the reveal in about three weeks. Here’s the second teaser shot!

[aesop_image img=”” imgwidth=”511px” caption=”A tiny snippet of our next theme for storytellers, Fable.” align=”center” captionposition=”left” lightbox=”off”]

Your tweet will be entered into our generator, and when Fable launches we’ll randomly generate three tweets to show the winners. It’s as simple as that! We think you’ll absolutely love Fable for telling stories, so please Tweet and help spread the word!

[Tweet “Fable WordPress theme for Aesop Story Engine looks perfect for #storytellers #fablewordpress”]


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