Last week we launched a new media publishing platform Story.AM. The hope was to gain 150 “Founding Members,” so that we could fund further development, and based on our projections reaching that didn’t seem like a major feat; we were wrong.

So far we’ve had 19 Founding members sign up.

Is that good or bad? Well, 19 is better than 18. And 18 is better than one. So yeah, it’s a good thing. Speaking realistically and rather candidly? It’s not doing as well as we hoped it would. To be honest we expected a much, much larger number of signups, and a lot of folks helping to share the news within the WordPress community. In fact, we raised twice as much money on our first crowd-funding effort when we weren’t known, although we did have some amazing coverage that helped.

As you can imagine we’re pretty disappointed, but life goes on. When things like this happen, you just pivot a bit, and you shake it off. You have to adapt to the conditions, and take care of those that believe in you first. In our case, our 19 Founding members. Nothing will change for them. They’re already covering overhead costs to run Story.AM, and we’ll continue to roll out bug fixes and features just as if we have 5000 members. Because that’s what they signed up for, and that’s what they deserve. In fact we’ve rolled out several new features in the last week alone to both the platform and the editor.

What will change is things like the pricing model for Story.AM, and the the release date for the editor, Lasso. The original plan was to wait until April to release Lasso, but we’re going to go ahead and release it on March 23rd (my birthday). We’ve poured a monumental amount of effort into the editor, and we’re really excited and keen on getting it out there now. We won’t have a lot of cool features that were originally planned at launch, but we believe you’ll help get us there. We’re a company driven by faith (and wine) and we we don’t roll over easily.

Lasso will be sold as a premium WordPress plugin, and is licensed as GPL. It’s built using WordPress best practices and coding standards, and is extremely extensible and developer friendly. We’re really excited to finally be releasing Lasso, and are looking forward to seeing how much time it saves in your editorial and story building workflow!

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  1. I’m proud to be a founding member of Lasso — I’m enjoying the software and am happy to see where it’s going.

    Glad I got in on the ground floor…

    • Thanks Rob! Really awesome to have you guys as supporters. Loving the work you’ve all been putting out.

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